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The new Gerard Trap Bar Training Guides The Gerard Trap Bar Training Guides
by Al Gerard and Ken Leistner

The Trap Bar Training Guides

Hot off the presses - introducing an incredible new pair of training guides that will help you make your Trap Bar workouts as effective as possible.

This set includes three never-before-published sources of Trap Bar training information. The first - by the master himself, Al Gerard - is Using the Trap Bar to Get Stronger. The book contains an exclusive interview with Al, in which he discusses the history and design of the Trap Bar and looks at some of the reasons that it is such an effective piece of equipment. Al follows that up with an in-depth look at deadlifting with the Trap Bar, including a full Trap Bar workout program. He expands even further on this program in his detailed "Trap Bar Workout." The book also features a foreword by one of Al's most dedicated "disciples" - me, John Wood. I've been personally using the Trap Bar for over 15 years, so I know how effective the Trap Bar can be when used the right way.

The second book in the set is authored by another strength training legend, none other than Dr. Ken Leistner. Dr. Ken's Trap Bar Workout is the product of his own two decades of training with the Trap Bar. The good doctor looks at using the Trap Bar for deadlifts, shrugs, pulls, and presses - and tops it all off with a complete (and challenging) Trap Bar workout.

Finally, this great pair of books is supplemented by my own special report - The 5 x 2 Trap Bar Training Program. It's the perfect complement to the great training information you'll be getting from Al Gerard and Dr. Ken. More Information

The Kelso Shrug System by Paul Kelso
The Kelso Shrug System
by Paul Kelso (Out of Print)

The Kelso Shrug System by Paul Kelso (1992 - Out of Print)

Back in the late 1960's, a tall, lanky and big-boned kid named Paul Kelso was just finishing up a training session when something miraculous happened.

He carelessly bent over to move a loaded bar out of the way, sort of heaving it aside, when he felt a response in his lower traps that years of power cleans and bent-over rows hadn't touched. He proceeded to pick up the bar in a bent-over rowing position and shrugged it again with the same response. He spent the rest of the session shrugging with various grips and hand widths while finding that each one worked different muscle groups -- and the Kelso Shrug System was born.

Keep in mind that the "Kelso Shrug" is not some kind of magical single exercise but rather a natural principle based on the natural adduction and retraction of the scapula as well as other ranges of movements involving the entire shoulder girdle.

Throughout his training career Paul Kelso collected various applications of the Shrug Principle, finding it particularly useful for use with the Gerard Trap Bar, and collected them into a training guide published in the early 1990's and it became an instant classic.

This book also included two bonus sections: One on using the Gerard Trap Bar, as well as a course on bone structure.

Kelso's Shrug Book
Kelso's Shrug Book
by Paul Kelso

Kelso's Shrug Book by Paul Kelso (2002)

"Kelso's Shrug Book" was published in 2002. A decade later, Paul Kelso revised and expanded his original Kelso Shrug Course with pictures, new variations and more workouts. These movements prove especially invaluable for building upper-body stability and power for Powerlifters, Olympic-Style Weight Lifters, Bodybuilders and anyone else looking to add a new dimension to their training.

Included within these pages is an entire chapter devoted specifically to Trap Bar training, including: several different workout routines, the nine basic Trap Bar movements, and the five different components of proper Trap Bar form. Also included in the book is an entire section devoted to rib cage expansion techniques -- a valuable subject that you rarely see discussed these days.

If you are serious about getting the most out of your Trap Bar, you simply must own a copy of this training guide.More Information

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"Trap Bar Deadlift - Chronology of a One-Set Deadlift Routine" - High Intensity Training, by Richard Winett - 1997

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"Trap Bar Novella" - by Guy Herbert, The Dinosaur Files, Vol. 3, No 5. December 1999

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